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About ECO - El Ghamrawy Office

A private consulting office founded by Dr. Moustafa Kamel El Ghamrawy started in March 1979 under the name “Engineering Consulting Office - Dr. M.K. El Ghamrawy “. It started with activities in geotechnical investigations and structural designs of foundations. It was later expanded to contain departments of structural designs for superstructures, surveying, surveying control and dilapidation and affiliated architectural designs.
The office is also involved in legal engineering work and arbitrations.
Clients of the office are local public and private organizations and individuals, foreign companies working in Egypt and Egypt - Branch of foreign companies.

The office was appointed – (Ministerial Decrees 410/1997 & 41/1998) - by Egyptian Ministry  of  “Housing, Reconstruction and New Communities“ to be an official reviewer and reviser for “The Egyptian Decennial Liability Insurance Pool“. Also by Ministerial Decree 41/1998 to do the same for all structures in New Communities “.

ECO EL Ghamrawy, is associated with:

Ibramar provides ship owners and operators with cost effective ship management with unparalleled standards of quality and safety.

Onera Systems provides clean, efficient and reliable energy by providing integrated solutions, as well as integrating solar energy sources with, Fuel Cells & Wind Turbines. 

Currently in joint work, with ECO El Ghamrawy, to supply the Egyptian museum in Tahrir Square with more than half of its electrical consumption by solar Energy , as first approach to be generalized in other installations.