About Dr. Moustafa Kamel El Ghamrawy

Dr. Moustafa Kamel El Ghamrawy is the founder of the private consulting office "ECO - El Ghamrawy"  started in March 1979.
Dr. Moustafa is holder of PhD. In Civil Engineering ( Soil Mechanics ) -Imperial College of science, Technology & Medicine  and DIC Diploma of Imperial college - London University UK.
Dr. Moustafa have attended more than eighteen national, regional and international conferences. These conferences were in structural, geotechnical engineering and soil - structure interaction. Papers were published in most of these conferences.

Titles and Academic Career

[2008- current]  Head of the structural Engineering Division - Civil Engineering Department - Faculty of Engineering - Al Azhar University.

[2007- current]  General Engineering Consultant to the Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

[2006-current]   A Member in The College Board Faculty of Antiquities Cairo University.

[2006-current]   Head of the “Permanent Scientific Committee for the Promotion of Professors”.

[2002-current]   A member in ‘The Permanent Committee of Egyptian Antiquities”.

[1995-1996]     Visiting Professor American University in Cairo.

[1991-1993]     Vice Dean Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University – Cairo.

[1990-current]  Professor of Geotechnical Engineering.

Activities In The International Society For Soil Mechanics And Foundation Engineering

[Alexandria - Egypt 2009]
Vice President 17th International Conference of Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering 17th ICSMGE .

[Istanbul - Turkey 2001]
A member in the organizing committee of the 15th ICSMGE.

[New Delhi - India 1994]
Elected Vice President for Africa 1994:1997 of The International Society of Soil Mechanics & Foundation (later called Geotechnical) Engineering and a member in the board of directors, during the XIII ICSMFE New Delhi January 1994.

[Cairo - Egypt 1995]
Head of “The Organizing committee of the Eleventh African Regional Conference ( XIII ICSMFE) which was successfully held ( 36 nationalities ) in the Nile Hilton Hotel. in Cairo - Egypt between 11 : 15 December, 1995. This was preceded by a Board Meeting and a Council Meeting of the ISSMFE on the 9th and the 10th of December 1995.

Activities In The Egyptian Geotechnical Society

Vice President 17th International Conference of Soil Mechanics & Geotechnical Engineering (ICSMGE) Alexandria – Egypt 2009.

Member in organizing committee of the Eleventh African Regional Conference - Cairo.

Secretary General Eleventh African Regional Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering - Cairo, 11-15 December 1994.

[1992-current] General Secretary.

[1985-1992] Board member.

[1980-1985] Treasurer.

Social Activities

The Rotary Club

[1995-current]  President - Gift Of Life Foundation - Egypt.
[1995-1996]     President - Giza Metropolitan Rotary Club.
[1993-2004]     Board Member.
[1991-current]  Member in Giza Metropolitan Rotary Club.
[1991-1993]     Honorary Secretary Giza Metropolitan Rotary Club.
[1989-1991]     Member in Giza Rotary Club.

Member in the Board of Directors of

- “The Society of Egyptian Graduates of British Universities ’’ (SEGBU).
- “National Egyptian Heritage Association” NEHRA.
- “Friends Of The Coptic Museum Society.

Memberships In Other Societies :
- The British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA) .
- The German-Arab Chamber of Commerce. (GACC) .
- Society of Imperial College Graduates. (SICG)